Relocation Helpline Assistance

Welcome to your new home

When you first decide to accept an assignment, you will do your research, as far as you can. Your relocation company, one of our overseas partners, will have done all it could to provide you with information and help in preparation for your arrival. Despite all of this, there might be times when you still need a helping hand. That’s when you will need a little relocation support from the Momentous Relocation Helpline.

Our relocation helpline provides you with up to two hours of telephone or online relocation assistance to help you solve those little problems that you hadn’t thought of or you could only tackle once you’d arrived. How do you set up a bank account? How do you get a driving licence? What’s the best way to get around your new home location? What do you do about healthcare, utilities, shopping, joining the gym, buying a car, cultural training … hundreds of questions that you probably don’t know you have – until you have them.

Whatever your question you can be confident that our experienced advisers have heard it before. If they don’t know the answer, which is unlikely, they will know where to go to find out. You may wish to find out area-specific information on the rental market, places to go, leisure facilities, etc. – all this will be helpful. You can, of course, make use of our range of core relocation services such as language services and partner support

Your allotted time can be used as you wish, over as long as you need. So even if you are on a long-term assignment you can still continue to take advantage of the service until your two hours have been used.

Our helpline is a valuable service whether you have lived in your destination country before or you are there for the first time. It’s just our way of saying ‘you’re welcome’ and we want to do all we can to make your stay in your new country an enjoyable one. That’s what makes us Momentous.