Cost of living analysis (COLA)

The cost of living abroad

The Momentous Cost Of Living Analysis (COLA) report compares cost of living levels in over 11,500 areas worldwide. It allows your company to create detailed cost of living comparison reports and international day rates (per diem) for your temporary relocation allowances. Reports can be ordered individually and each will be tailored to you by taking into account your earnings/spending level, home size, family size, number of cars, distances driven, and car value, etc.

We will compile your individual COLA using data from thousands of surveys and sources worldwide that are updated every three months and we’ll present it to you in whatever currency you prefer. We’ll research any areas that are not commonly surveyed individually.

Actual housing sales data is taken from commercially available sources to assess housing costs; while fuel, consumables, medical care premium costs and effective income tax rates are also collected from reputable online databases. The report can be amended to reflect any on-assignment benefits provided to you, such as housing costs.

Our report assumes that you will maintain the same spending pattern that you had at home but will not be quite so good at searching out the best bargains while you are away. In this way we provide you with the most accurate forecast possible of the cost of living for your family in your new environment.

It is vitally important that you are remunerated correctly so you need to understand the cost of living in your host country. Our analysis will reflect exactly how costs apply to you and your family, taking into account your specific preferences and lifestyle. It’s designed just for you. That’s what makes us Momentous.