Area Orientation

Finding your way around you new area

Accepting an assignment in a new country is a big decision. You’ll want to make sure the location is suitable for you and your family before making a final commitment. That’s where our area orientation tours come in: they provide you with an opportunity to explore, before you agree to go.

All our orientation tours are hosted by local experts who really know the area. They know what’s great and what’s not so that you can easily work out if the place is a good fit for your family. Each tour is designed around your individual interests and requirements with the aim of providing you with a detailed overview of what it is like to live and work in the new country.

Although tours are specifically designed for you, they will probably include: an accompanied area overview, a comprehensive look at the local property market, information on the educational standards and opportunities, and everyday living advice. They will allow you to identify the key things to consider right at the start of the process, helping you to keep costs down and avoiding any nasty surprises later on.

At Momentous we believe that good relocation advice and support is important for any project. Our orientation tours provide you with the perfect start to your assignment, helping you to make informed decisions and, when you arrive, to settle in quickly and happily. That’s what makes us Momentous.