Relocation Services

Momentous relocation services: making moving and relocation easier

We are not suggesting that relocating to another country is easy; we know it’s not, even one that’s as familiar to you as your own country. But we also know that our relocation service can make everything a lot easier for you and for your employer.

At Momentous, we can guide you right from the beginning by helping with visas and immigration, providing an analysis of the cost of living tailored to your lifestyle, finding you a home, a school for your children, and offering language and cultural training if you need it. When you arrive we can help you become familiar with your new surroundings, sort out your banking, buy a car, get online and much more.

It’s important that your partner is happy too. Statistics show that a major reason that assignments fail is because partners are unable to settle in their new environment. We can guide them around the area, help them find a job, meet people and help them become confident in their new surroundings. Meanwhile, you can relax into your new assignment comfortable that the people you love most are settled.

Our relationship with you continues throughout your assignment with our helpline service that will give you information on virtually anything while you are here: where to go on holiday, your nearest tennis club, getting a driving licence, using the tube – you name it, we can help. If you decide to move while you are here, we can do that too. When your assignment is over, we will organise your move back home or on to your next adventure.

Relocation around the world

We are part of a global network of relocation companies that operate to the highest standards of workmanship, administration and compliance in the industry. If you are moving from the UK to another country, our partners will take care of everything for you at destination, just as we would ourselves.

Simple relocation for short-term assignments

Not everyone requires all the relocation services we offer, especially if you are only going on a short-term assignment. So, to help you keep costs under control, we will tailor our service to include only the services that are most appropriate to your needs. We call it Momentous Simplify. Simple really!

Taking on a new assignment should be an exciting, interesting and rewarding experience for you and your family. The experience and dedication of our relocation team will make sure that the memories you take home with you are all happy ones. That’s what makes us Momentous.

Our relocation services include:

  • Global Moving and Storage
  • Visa & Immigration
  • Language and Cultural Support
  • Cost of Living Analysis
  • Relocating Partner Support
  • Area Orientation
  • School Search
  • Temporary Housing
  • Helpline
  • Home Finding
  • Settling In Assistance
  • Relocation Management
  • Departure Services