Before you call in the international moving companies, make sure you’re ready for your move abroad with our planning checklist.

Thinking of moving abroad? Perhaps you’ve already made the decision, but either way, there is a lot to think about. Fortunately, we’ve moved hundreds of people across the world and know exactly what needs to happen.

If you require help making plans for your international move, be sure to keep a copy of our moving abroad checklist to hand.

As Soon as You’ve Decided to Move

Once you’ve made the decision to move, it’s immediately time to start making preparations. Perhaps you’ve agreed terms with work or you’ve simply just come to the decision yourself. Whatever the reason, once you know you are moving, get to work ticking these important items off your moving abroad checklist:

  • Informing School/Work of Your Move: If you have children or are not moving for work, inform the necessary parties of your upcoming plans.
  • Inform the Letting Agency if Necessary: If you will be moving out of a letted property, be sure to tell your landlord early on, so they can make arrangements for new tenants.
  • Sell Your Home: If you own a home, get it on the market now. Selling a home can take a very long time. You don’t want this box left unchecked.
  • Research Pet Relocation: Taking a beloved family pet with you on your move abroad? Make sure you know all about what is required by your new home nation.
  • Find a Moving Company: Shop around and find the right international relocation company for you. Having an agreement with a relocator early on can provide essential help and support.
  • Create Dedicated File Storage: Over the next few weeks and months, you’ll be accumulating a lot of files. Be sure to make a space where you can keep them safely and access them at a moment’s notice.
  • Check the Passports: Passport renewal is a time-consuming task. Be sure to find out if your current passport is valid. If not, get it sorted ASAP.
  • Find Out About Different Laws: You are moving to a new country and laws will be different. Find out now what aspects of your life will have to change. Do you need health insurances or a new driving license, for example?
  • Find Somewhere to Live: Don’t forget, in the excitement of an international move and ticking off your moving abroad checklist, to start looking for a new home.

Prior to Your Move

Moving day is drawing closer, but you’ve still got time — months, maybe two or three. Now is the time to move to the more pressing aspects of your moving abroad checklist: making sure you are really prepared to leave your old home behind:

  • Get Medical Reports: Moving abroad isn’t like moving domestically; medical data isn’t transferable over international territories. Get medical reports to give to your new doctors, allowing them to be aware of previous and current health complaints.
  • Sell Up: Sell or get rid of anything that isn’t coming with you. Furniture, cars, electronics, etc.
  • Put Items into Storage: If your move is only temporary, you probably don’t want to get rid of all your possessions; nor do you want to move them around the world with you. Arrange storage now and put anything that is staying safely away, ready for when you return.
  • Organise Visas if Required: If you need to have a visa to enter your new home nation, now is the time to get the details sorted and make sure you are ready for boarding.
  • Change Your Addresses: Change your address for any organisation that you will continue to use while abroad. Banks, subscriptions, etc.
  • Tell the Government You Are Moving: The state needs to know you are leaving the country. This will allow them to make their own arrangements regarding tax, benefits, pensions and other government run initiatives.
  • Sort Your Banking: Close any accounts you don’t wish to keep, set up international accounts and transfer money that you want access to abroad.
  • Discontinue Bills: Let your water, energy, media, mobile providers and others know you are moving abroad and cancel or settle any bills you might have. Remember to end them on your moving date, not before.
  • Find Out Your Domestic Obligations: Do you still have obligations at home? Loans, tax, mortgages, other property? Find out exactly what part of your current life is staying behind and make preparations to help you manage while away.
  • Start Packing: Time to start packing! Get boxes in, contact your movers with a relocation date and prepare your belongings for the journey overseas.
  • Confirm Shipping Details: Confirm with whoever is managing your move that shipping dates are sorted.
  • Arrange Moving Insurance: The cost of damaged goods on a move can be dire, so make sure you have appropriate coverage.

Moving Day

The day is finally here, but your moving abroad checklist isn’t quite finished. There are still a few things you need to be keenly aware of before getting in the taxi and heading for the airport.

  • Check the House Thoroughly: Check every space you can and make sure nothing has been left behind. Be sure to look in the attic and garden, too!
  • Ensure You Have Your Essentials: If there are delays, the flight is long, or you land late, the last thing you want to be doing is hunting down essentials like toothbrushes and clothes. Make sure you have everything you’ll need in your luggage and carry-ons to live comfortably until your possessions arrive.
  • Check Passports and Boarding Passes: This is obvious, but so important and easily forgotten in the rush.
  • Check Delivery Plans and Dates: Call your moving company and confirm dates. Make sure you know exactly when your possessions will be arriving.
  • Say Your Goodbyes: Don’t forget to say goodbye to friends and loved ones!


Moving abroad and need a trusted international relocation company to help? Contact Momentous Relocation today and we’ll help you move towards a stress-free move abroad.