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Momentous appoint Mike Bentley as Director of Sales

Mike Bentley joins the Momentous Fine Art TeamWe are delighted to announce that Mike Bentley will be joining Momentous as of Monday 20th March 2017.
Mike has enjoyed a broad and diverse career within the moving and relocation industry, working for organisations such as TransEuro, Sterling, and Santa Fe. Mike has successfully managed a multitude of departments and business functions; a combination of skills and experience gained during his career ideally place Mike as the perfect choice to lead the sales development of Momentous and support extended AGM Group member companies.

Paul Evans, AGM Group Chairman, commented, “I am delighted Mike has joined our Momentous team. Momentous holds a unique position within the niche markets of fine art, logistics, and installations, all of which are associated with the transportation of high value art and furniture for private collectors, museums, commercial logistics, and high-end hotel and interior designers. We are excited that Mike will play an instrumental role in developing Momentous to even greater success.”

Mike commented, “I’m thrilled to be joining a customer-driven organisation like Momentous, part of the AGM Group. The market is changing, and I believe there is an increasing demand for service provision that meets the requirements for fine art shipping and bespoke relocation services. I look forward to working with a fantastically talented new team of people, and colleagues within the Group.”


Please join us in welcoming Mike to our team:
Mobile: 07715036723

About AGM Group:

Abels Moving Services Ltd, Wimbledon Avenue, Brandon, Suffolk, IP27 0NZ | Tel: +44 1842 816600| Email:

Gerson Relocation Ltd, The Heights East, Cranborne Rd, Potters Bar EN6 3JN | Tel: +44 1707 649888| Email:

Momentous Ltd, Unit 29 Abbey Road Industrial Estate, Commercial Way, London NW10 7XF | Tel: + 44 20 3780 4545 | Email:

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Moving Abroad? Here’s Our Indispensable Planning Checklist

Before you call in the international moving companies, make sure you’re ready for your move abroad with our planning checklist.

Thinking of moving abroad? Perhaps you’ve already made the decision, but either way, there is a lot to think about. Fortunately, we’ve moved hundreds of people across the world and know exactly what needs to happen.

If you require help making plans for your international move, be sure to keep a copy of our moving abroad checklist to hand.

As Soon as You’ve Decided to Move

Once you’ve made the decision to move, it’s immediately time to start making preparations. Perhaps you’ve agreed terms with work or you’ve simply just come to the decision yourself. Whatever the reason, once you know you are moving, get to work ticking these important items off your moving abroad checklist:

  • Informing School/Work of Your Move: If you have children or are not moving for work, inform the necessary parties of your upcoming plans.
  • Inform the Letting Agency if Necessary: If you will be moving out of a letted property, be sure to tell your landlord early on, so they can make arrangements for new tenants.
  • Sell Your Home: If you own a home, get it on the market now. Selling a home can take a very long time. You don’t want this box left unchecked.
  • Research Pet Relocation: Taking a beloved family pet with you on your move abroad? Make sure you know all about what is required by your new home nation.
  • Find a Moving Company: Shop around and find the right international relocation company for you. Having an agreement with a relocator early on can provide essential help and support.
  • Create Dedicated File Storage: Over the next few weeks and months, you’ll be accumulating a lot of files. Be sure to make a space where you can keep them safely and access them at a moment’s notice.
  • Check the Passports: Passport renewal is a time-consuming task. Be sure to find out if your current passport is valid. If not, get it sorted ASAP.
  • Find Out About Different Laws: You are moving to a new country and laws will be different. Find out now what aspects of your life will have to change. Do you need health insurances or a new driving license, for example?
  • Find Somewhere to Live: Don’t forget, in the excitement of an international move and ticking off your moving abroad checklist, to start looking for a new home.

Prior to Your Move

Moving day is drawing closer, but you’ve still got time — months, maybe two or three. Now is the time to move to the more pressing aspects of your moving abroad checklist: making sure you are really prepared to leave your old home behind:

  • Get Medical Reports: Moving abroad isn’t like moving domestically; medical data isn’t transferable over international territories. Get medical reports to give to your new doctors, allowing them to be aware of previous and current health complaints.
  • Sell Up: Sell or get rid of anything that isn’t coming with you. Furniture, cars, electronics, etc.
  • Put Items into Storage: If your move is only temporary, you probably don’t want to get rid of all your possessions; nor do you want to move them around the world with you. Arrange storage now and put anything that is staying safely away, ready for when you return.
  • Organise Visas if Required: If you need to have a visa to enter your new home nation, now is the time to get the details sorted and make sure you are ready for boarding.
  • Change Your Addresses: Change your address for any organisation that you will continue to use while abroad. Banks, subscriptions, etc.
  • Tell the Government You Are Moving: The state needs to know you are leaving the country. This will allow them to make their own arrangements regarding tax, benefits, pensions and other government run initiatives.
  • Sort Your Banking: Close any accounts you don’t wish to keep, set up international accounts and transfer money that you want access to abroad.
  • Discontinue Bills: Let your water, energy, media, mobile providers and others know you are moving abroad and cancel or settle any bills you might have. Remember to end them on your moving date, not before.
  • Find Out Your Domestic Obligations: Do you still have obligations at home? Loans, tax, mortgages, other property? Find out exactly what part of your current life is staying behind and make preparations to help you manage while away.
  • Start Packing: Time to start packing! Get boxes in, contact your movers with a relocation date and prepare your belongings for the journey overseas.
  • Confirm Shipping Details: Confirm with whoever is managing your move that shipping dates are sorted.
  • Arrange Moving Insurance: The cost of damaged goods on a move can be dire, so make sure you have appropriate coverage.

Moving Day

The day is finally here, but your moving abroad checklist isn’t quite finished. There are still a few things you need to be keenly aware of before getting in the taxi and heading for the airport.

  • Check the House Thoroughly: Check every space you can and make sure nothing has been left behind. Be sure to look in the attic and garden, too!
  • Ensure You Have Your Essentials: If there are delays, the flight is long, or you land late, the last thing you want to be doing is hunting down essentials like toothbrushes and clothes. Make sure you have everything you’ll need in your luggage and carry-ons to live comfortably until your possessions arrive.
  • Check Passports and Boarding Passes: This is obvious, but so important and easily forgotten in the rush.
  • Check Delivery Plans and Dates: Call your moving company and confirm dates. Make sure you know exactly when your possessions will be arriving.
  • Say Your Goodbyes: Don’t forget to say goodbye to friends and loved ones!


Moving abroad and need a trusted international relocation company to help? Contact Momentous Relocation today and we’ll help you move towards a stress-free move abroad.

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5 Things to Consider When Moving Offices Across London

Relocating your London Office? Read our advice about how to keep the process smooth and simple.

Office relocation can be an exciting time, but it also comes hand-in-hand with numerous stressors. This is true for any office move, but in London, things can get even more complicated. If you are relocating your London office, make sure you consider these five things when moving to cut down on unnecessary stress and expenses.

Travel Route

So you’ve got your move in date, the delivery trucks are booked and your entire office is packed up. What you want to do now is get on the road and get set up. No time for sitting around; every second you spend in transit is a second your business is out of action.

The trouble is: London is a great, but very busy city.

Certain roads can get completely jammed and being unprepared for this can be the difference between having desks set up for Monday morning or desks arriving on Monday morning. Prior to relocating your London office, invest time in devising the best travel route for your equipment. Find the quietest roads, plot a route that allows for large vehicles and make sure you aren’t going near any known blackspots.

Removal Truck Access

Although this problem should never stop you relocating your London office, you should consider it as a major element in your relocation process.

London is a cramped city. There isn’t much room for a person to cross the street in some areas of the capital, let alone a truck to traverse the narrow back alleys in search of your premises. Relocating your office to a location with limited access might have a cost benefit, but it can cause an absolute nightmare when it comes to moving day.

Spend time scouting out your location and discovering how feasible relocating your London office will be for a large removal truck — or several. Other things to consider are how realistic is it that the truck can reach the premises, can they park and can they turn around/will they need to turn around?

Finding out on moving day that you can’t actually get your equipment near your near office is a disaster nobody wants to deal with. If you find you might have a problem, there are solutions, such as using smaller trucks or moving during off-peak hours to improve mobility.

Nearby Tube Stations

The tube is an essential resource for all businesses in London. Therefore, relocating your London office means making sure you are within a commutable distance from a tube station.

I know what you are going to say: everywhere in London is commutable from a tube station. However, you’ll find some areas of central London can be a 20-minute walk from a tube station.

Again, this doesn’t seem like a whole lot, but factor in other travel times and you’ve got a huge propensity for late employees. The closer you are to a tube station, the easier it is for workers to access your new location on time.

Late employees cost your business money. Don’t let relocation of your London office cause your company to take a financial hit — something that would be especially galling if you moved to cut costs.

Rental Costs

Here’s a shocking headline for you: London office prices are expensive. Sorry to spring that one on you.

London is a notoriously expensive city to live and work in, yet some areas are cheaper than others. Often, office relocation is down to cost benefit, but it can also be due to expansion or a need to be closer to a certain area of the city. In these circumstances, we recommend you really shop around for the best office.

Office costs vary a lot and it is common to see massive price drops within only small distances. As experts at relocating London offices and companies, we advise that you create a radius map in which you’d happily relocate. Pick a target location and select an outer zone in terms of travel time or mileage. Searching all areas of this zone will allow you to find the cheapest area for office space.

Unless your zone is very specific, you’ll likely find some huge variations in prices, allowing you to save a heap on your bills. Another small piece of advice we’d have is this: if you find that you’re looking on the outer edge of your zone, consider checking what the next street over is like, too. The last thing you want is to find you could have saved a small fortune if your radius of relocation was ever so slightly bigger.

Which Relocation Service in London to Use

If office relocation is stressful, office relocation in London is doubly so. The capital is a complex city and there are a lot of things that can go wrong when relocating your London office. What you need during this turbulent time is a relocation service that can provide you with the best possible support.

It is important, then, to hire a specialist mover that has expertise in office relocation — not just any old home moving service. Corporate relocation companies based in London are your best bet for a smooth and hassle-free move.

Looking for moving services in London that are tailored to your business needs? Contact Momentous Relocation today!

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Post-Brexit Business Relocation: Tips for Moving to the EU

With Brexit looming, is it time for your business to consider relocation to Europe?

It’s been half a year since the Brexit vote, but it still hasn’t quite sunk in. Britain is on its way out of the European Union. It might not be happening today or tomorrow, but it is coming. For some businesses, this isn’t much of a worry. For others, though, tighter restrictions on European trade could mean filing for bankruptcy.

Plenty of businesses are already considering a move away from Britain, looking to a neighbouring European nation — and perhaps you are in the same boat. If you rely on the single market to maintain your financial success, remaining in the UK may seem like a one-way ticket to collapsing.

If you are thinking about leaving for Europe, now is the time to get out. Before all the walls and the red tape come up. However, before you do move your business to Europe, be sure to read our tips for post-Brexit relocation.

Learn The International Immigration Policy

From now until the day the UK leaves the European Union, setting up business in Europe will be fairly straightforward. However, afterwards, things will get a lot trickier. The thing is, even if you’ve already moved your offices, you will still have to abide by the international immigration laws. This means permission for you and your employees to work abroad, permission to own business property and permission to actually do business and trade.

Our advice is to consider these aspects of relocation now. Work from the perspective that you are an international business from outside of the EU. What rules will you have to abide by? If you are able to tick off all the criteria and know that if you weren’t in the EU, you’d still be able to move your business to your chosen location, you’ll have no trouble making arrangements once Britain is officially out of the EU.

Hire a Specialist Relocation Company

Moving your office across a city is challenging enough. Moving it internationally is on a whole different level. In this scenario, when you are managing perhaps the most complex type of relocation project that can be carried out, you only have time to be dealing with experts.

There are plenty of international movers who will offer services to businesses, but these companies often only deal in family moving and won’t be specialists in corporate relocation. Momentous Relocation is an expert in business relocation. We’ve got experience in everything from planning and logistics, to international moving and relocation of valuable corporate goods.

When managing a move like this, the more knowledgeable and supportive your relocation company, the smoother and less taxing your move will be.

Consider the Location of Your Headquarters

Britain is on a knife edge, so you think it’s time to get out. Fair enough — but where do you go?

Europe is full of hubs of commerce, perfectly poised for your business. When considering relocation to Europe for commercial purposes, we recommend that you don’t immediately jump to well-known cities like Berlin or Paris. Granted, these are powerful capitals of money and places of great business opportunity, but they can also be expensive.

Europe is packed full of incredible cities, ripe with business opportunities at the fraction of the cost of household names. Popular hubs include the likes of Warsaw in Poland and Budapest in Hungary. Cities like these have a much cheaper cost of living, yet offer world-class infrastructure, large customer bases, easy access to global trade through international airports and excellent opportunities for investment and expansion.

Take time to consider the options. Europe is a vast continent with plenty of countries and cities offering unique benefits that could really impact your business.

Don’t Forget to Manage the Non-Business Aspect of European Relocation

Moving your business to Europe isn’t just about relocating offices, getting acquainted with new trading laws and preparing for immigration. Moving involves people; relocating families and entire lives.

Whether you are the sole employee of your business or you employ a small army, you need to consider the implications and requirements of moving people across the world. Invest time in finding the right place for your employees, making sure they have a place to live and that they are able to adjust to this big change in their lives.

Don’t forget about the human cost of relocation. Improper management of the people attached to your business could be more damaging than Brexit.

Time to make that journey across the channel and keep your business in the single market? Get in touch with Momentous Relocation today and we’ll help you sort your corporate relocation.

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Why Your London Business Should Take Advantage of Off-Site Storage

We’ve all had that experience; the one where you suddenly find out about a way of handling day-to-day tasks that you’ve been struggling with for ages with ease. It’s that feeling of, if only I’d been doing this the entire time.

Taking advantage of off-site storage for London-based businesses is very much in that category. It offers a number of benefits to companies in the capital, but so few know about them.

What do we mean by off-site storage?

Off-site storage in London is a facility where you can keep company property in a safe and secure environment. This includes anything from vehicles and machinery to furniture and computer hardware. Equipped with state-of-the-art security systems and found within easy travel distance of the capital, our storage facilities are the perfect place for London-based businesses to store their property. But why bother?

Safe Office Floor Space

It’s not exactly a secret that London is crowded. With so many people crammed into such as small area, demand for property is high. As a result, office space is expensive and the price is constantly rising. 2017 is expected to see a further 13% increase in rental costs for businesses in the London area.

Off-site storage in London can be a blessing when it comes to keeping costs down. When the cost of rent is so high, you want to get the most out of your money. Putting items into storage opens up floor space for workers and important equipment, reducing a need for you to relocate to a bigger premises, without having to throw away business property.

Secure Archived Records

Keeping physical records might seem like an outdated practice, but it still has its place. Many businesses simply don’t trust computer systems or cloud-based software to guarantee the security of their archives, others simply like to have the physical copy to reference.

However, archives can start to really stack up. After years of operation, archived files can take up a seriously large amount of space, space that could be put to better use. By putting your archived files into off-site storage in London, you can ensure the information is there if you need it, but it isn’t getting in the way of you or your workers.

Declutter Your Office Space

Not everything in your office has a purpose year round. For example, you may have a box of files that only come out for annual reviews, or desk space only used during recruitment drives. You may also have seasonal decorations that go up during Halloween, Christmas, etc. You don’t want to get rid of these items, but you don’t need them all year round.

Putting them in off-site London storage is a great way of decluttering office space. Decluttering space has been shown to boost concentration, creativity and mood; all highly beneficial in an office environment.

Organise Your Office Environment

With space such a valuable commodity in the London real estate business, organisation can end up out the window. It’s not such a question of ‘where would I like to put this?’ than ‘where will this fit?’

Organisation, however, is key to office productivity. A well-organised workspace promotes efficiency and avoids time-wasting and confusion.

By using off-site London storage to declutter and free up space, you’ll be far more capable of organising the office setup in a way that is beneficial to workflow.

Use Off-Site Storage in London During Office Relocation

Office relocation is challenging, and often daunting, task. There are lots of things you have to remember, a million tasks to manage and countless pieces of equipment that you must ensure make it safely to their new home.

Off-site London storage can help alleviate some of the stress of office relocation by making the task a bit less overwhelming. By placing non-essential items into storage, you can reduce the number of variables involved in your relocation.

Put spare furniture, computers, training resources, etc in an off-site storage facility before your move. This way, you can concentrate on getting the essential equipment relocated and installed. Then, once your office is up and running, start moving the non-essential stuff.

Looking to secure some of your valuable business belongings in an off-site storage facility? Our storage in London has everything you’ll ever need.

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Office Relocation: 5 Tips For a Smooth Transition

Whether you’re looking for office removals in London or anywhere else in the world, we know all about how to make the transition as simple as possible. Discover our tips for smooth office relocation.

People say that moving is one of the most stressful experiences a person can face.

Imagine, though, how much more difficult it is to relocate an entire office. You’ve not only got people and their possessions to worry about, but also large-scale equipment, massive amounts of valuable goods, priceless computer servers and more.

Office removals in London — or anywhere else for that matter — is an incredibly tricky business and one that many put off. However, it also offers a number of rewards; from evolving a company to cutting costs.

If you are considering office relocation but are concerned about the stressors and complications that come with it, be sure to read on for your five tips for a smooth transition.

1. Ensure your Insure

Office relocation comes with a variety of unique challenges, one of which being the sheer scale of the task at hand. With so many moving pieces, it is entirely possible that something might go wrong.

If disaster were to strike on a typical home relocation, you’d be looking at slow-downs and costs of damaged goods. This would certainly be inconvenient and a great stressor. When it comes to office relocation, this entire problem is amplified countless times. A slowdown in relocation, delaying your office returning to maximum capacity, can cost your business vast sums of money. Plus, any damaged, destroyed or lost items due to unforeseen circumstances like transit accidents or theft can leave you reeling.

Despite your confidence and the competency of your removals company, it’s always important to insure your relocation project. At Momentous Relocation, we offer a number of insurance services and can help ensure you have the right coverage for your move; whether you are facing office removals in London or relocation to a far-away country.

2. Operate Through An Office Removals Manager

Office relocation often results in a lot of small yet very important sub-tasks and projects. All of these moving parts make up a wiring machine; a machine that, if all the gears are turning in unison, can result in a simple relocation process.

However, with so many gears to turn, it can be all too easy for one to be caught out of place. Somebody forgets something, one department believes another is responsible for certain aspects of the move when they aren’t. Too many cooks spoil the broth, and too many office relocation managers break the moving machine.

Assigning a designated manager for your relocation project is an important step to smooth moving. If all of your team knows exactly who is responsible, and one person is able to manage and track all aspects of the move, there can be no mistakes or problems that arise from confusion or misunderstandings.

3. Create a Detailed Office Relocation Plan

How do you avoid problems and ensure everything goes the way it’s supposed to go? You don’t “wing it”.

Perhaps the most important step to smooth office relocation is to create a plan so detailed that it considers even the most infinitesimally small processes of relocation, such as where the paperclips are going to be stored during the move.

The more details you plan and control, the less likely you are to have a relocation incident. A plan should also be used to make arrangements in the event that something does go wrong. “What ifs” should always be a feature of your office moving strategy.

A plan should involve everything from dates of the move, who is involved and where everything should be, to timeframes of arrival and unpacking.

At Momentous Relocation, we’ve moved countless businesses to new premises and we start with working through the planning and logistics of the move. If you need help creating your office relocation plan, we’re here to help.

4. Take Advantage of Off-Site Storage

Moving every single item in your current office directly into a new space may cause some issues. Your current office likely took years to develop and grow, starting small with more and more bits added over the years. That’s a lot of stuff to find space for and arrange all in one go.

Moving in slowly might seem counterintuitive but it allows for the focus and space required to install the most important aspects of your office successfully. Getting those servers and worker desks set up is far more pressing than ensuring all the archived files are placed in the corner, for example.

When we run our office removals in London and elsewhere, we find it best to offer our storage facilities as a place where companies can put non-essential equipment, allowing them to move it in over time. Our storage centres come complete with 24-hour on-site staff, state-of-the-art security and instant access to businesses.

5. Inform Customers of Your Office Relocation and Slow Workflow

When relocating an office, the last thing you need is big, stressful assignments hanging over your head. Tight deadlines and big projects do not mesh well with an office operating below normal capacity.

In the lead-up to relocation, start to wind down your work output. Don’t take on large projects and inform customers of your plans to slow workflow. Providing you give enough warning — and time your relocation carefully so that it doesn’t coincide with busy times of the year — you should be able to dial down output without incurring too many issues or angry customers.

At Momentous Relocation, we are experts in office removals around London and anywhere else you can think of. If you are looking to set up your business on a new premises, get in touch today.

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Anxious About Moving? 5 Things to Tell Your Removal Company

Removal companies are here to help. Their goal is to take away the stress and put your mind at ease. If you are concerned about your move, here is what you should tell your removal company.

Moving home is one of life’s great stressors. It’s a nerve-racking time of a million possibilities and a million things to do. With so much to think about, it’s important to focus on ways to reduce anxiety and help keep your head calm and clear. Removal companies can help you do this.

Specialists in relocation, they’ll already know how best to help you, but sometimes that isn’t enough to quell the thoughts that swim around your head in the middle of the night.

For that extra peace of mind, make sure you tell your removal company about these five things.

1. Which Items Are Precious To You

An old chest of drawers can seem unassuming, but it may have significant meaning to you or a loved one. Perhaps it’s a family heirloom or a gift.

Removal companies should have the utmost respect for all your possessions, but it can be easy to get apprehensive when having somebody moves an object of great importance to you. Talk to your removal company about what items hold a special value to you. This not only allows them to reassure you, but for you to let them know what items they need to take extra special care of.

At Momentous Relocation, we offer “fine arts” moving options, which add increased layers of protection to ensure your most valuable possessions reach their new home safely.

2. Provide All Relevant Contact Details

As the move gets closer, and more pieces and people come into play, anxiety can build around “what ifs”. A chief “what if” scenario which can weigh heavily on the mind is “what if something goes wrong?”

In the event of a problem, you want to know you’ll be informed, not left to wonder what is going on. Make sure you provide all relevant contact details — not just a mobile number, but also numbers of other family members involved in the move, emails, and anything else you think may be useful.

The more contact information your removal companies have, the better equipped they are to keep you in the loop.

3. Tell Removal Companies About Your Specific Worries

Some people will be worried about items getting dropped, and others will be concerned about movers tearing up the brand new carpet. Just because it doesn’t sound like a “normal” thing to worry about doesn’t mean it isn’t important.

Removal companies exist as a service to help you, so be sure to discuss your personal concerns with your removal company, no matter how small. Just like telling them about what items are most precious to you, it allows them to take steps to ensure you’re a happy customer, and for you to get a better understanding of how their service can reduce stress.

4. Inform Them About Important Dates in the Moving Calendar

Moving day is not the only important date in your relocation calendar. You’ll also have dates by which you’ll need to be setup, dates when schools start, or when you go back to work — if you’ve taken time off.

Letting your moving company know about these days can allow them to be proactive about ensuring you are all settled in before normal day-to-day life kicks in. This is especially important if you are moving your belongings in stages, common in international relocation, as it means the removal company knows which items are top priority.

5. Provide Information About Your New Home

New beautiful home with lights on

Organising the moving out process is often what people think of when they imagine a stressful move, but moving in can also present some major challenges.

Getting everything where it needs to go, making sure everything fits, ensuring nothing is damaged in the process and that the whole operation goes smoothly are all definitely worries that can keep you awake at night — especially if you need to move to go quickly.

To avoid such worries, provide details to removal companies about your new home. Let them know how many rooms there are, where best to put things, what entrance to use, where to park removal trucks, etc. The more your movers know about where they are moving your possessions to, the better they can do their job and the more peace of mind you’ll have.

Looking for removal companies? Can’t find one that really eases your anxiety? Get in touch with us today. Our dedicated moving coordinators will ensure all your worries are taken care of!

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Working Overseas? Here’s How to Survive an Assignment Abroad

A working assignment abroad can be an exciting time, but it’s also an adventure into uncharted territory. As an international relocation company, we’ve seen our fair share of confident people head off on working assignments overseas, only to be blindsided by the change they are experiencing.

Culture shock, differences in lifestyle, homesickness; they can all prove challenging, even for the most strong-willed and determined individual.

If you are heading off on a work assignment abroad, whether it be short-term or permanent, here’s how to survive your international relocation.

Get Educated

Prior to a move, it’s a good idea to learn about what you are getting yourself into. Sometimes, cultures and lifestyles really aren’t that different to what you are used to. Other times, the difference is black and white.

An open book with eyeglasses on top of it

Start by learning the language basics, if it is different, and work your way up; don’t expect to just pick it up when you move. From there, try reading about what the culture is like and what laws are different. A great way of educating yourself is visiting the location prior to your move. This way, you can get a sense of what life is like without the pressure of a new job on your shoulders.

Let an International Relocation Company Help You Settle In

Making your new nation your home isn’t just about putting down a nice rug and hanging up family portraits in your house. It’s about becoming part of the landscape.

Settling in is crucial, which means committing to absorbing yourself into every aspect of your new life. To do this, you can’t have any outstanding settling in tasks. If you have things you still need to check off the to-do list, even if they aren’t essential, you still won’t be settled like you were settled before.

This includes the big stuff, like permanent accommodation, finding schools for kids and sorting healthcare, alongside the smaller things, such as insurances, WiFi access and setting up savings accounts.

At Momentous Relocation, we are an international moving company that goes above and beyond. We can help you get settled into every aspect of your daily life.

Enjoy the Bits That Are Most Exciting — and Accept Those That Aren’t

Moving abroad for work means different things to different people, but no matter how it affects you, there is almost always an element of excitement involved. New cultures and ways of life are inherently exciting. Many of us dream about travelling the world and discovering them.

When relocating for work, be sure to relish in the advantages of moving. Soak up the best parts of the culture and enjoy the new and interesting aspects of your new lifestyle. Having fun is absolutely the best way to survive an assignment abroad.

Laughter really is the best medicine.

Sometimes, though, things are going to be challenging. It’s important to accept that you may experience highs and lows and that facing a struggle is not a sign of weakness. It is simply a natural part of adapting to a new way of life.

Many people sent for work assignments abroad assume it will be an easy affair, only to be faced with challenges they didn’t foresee. Confused and unsettled, it’s all too easy to give up. Acceptance is key. If you can accept that you will sometimes face hardship, it will be easier to manage and overcome.

Don’t Be a Visitor. Become a Part of the Community

Being an outsider looking in means you’ll never truly be a part of the world around you. If you aren’t a part of it, it will never be your home and achieving happiness will be a challenge.

Surviving your move abroad is about becoming part of your new world. To do that, you need to become as entrenched in your new home as you were in your old one. This means building relationships, enjoying local entertainment and partaking in hobbies and other activities.

You should also take the time to get to ‘know’ your new area. Learn about all the ins and outs of the local scene; where the roads take you, how to get around without a map, who has the best cocktails, or where the best restaurant is.

That sort of depth of knowledge can really help you feel like you belong to where your work assignment has taken you. If you need help with area orientation, we are the international relocation company for you. We can arrange for local experts to introduce you to your surroundings, giving you a head start on becoming the expert yourself.

Keep a Slice of Home Comfort

People have a habit of going all in, and that includes moving abroad.

Diving into a new culture and immersing yourself in its intricate ways is an important part of surviving your time abroad. However, it doesn’t have to be all or nothing.

Managing your emotions is just as important as overcoming them. Brute force and determination might help you succeed at your new job, but it isn’t going to help you deal with the psychological factors associated with international relocation — such as homesickness.

Keeping some of those home comforts with you while on assignment is a good way of keeping spirits up during the tougher times and negating some of the effects of culture shock. Methods vary, but we recommend keeping up to date with your favourite TV shows and movies from back home, having meal nights where you indulge in your favourite cuisine from home and staying well connected with friends and family overseas.

Moving abroad for work and need help settling in? Get in touch with Momentous Relocation today. We’re an international relocation company that does things differently. We won’t ship you out and leave you there — we’ll help you settle into your new home.

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8 Things You Need to Know Before Relocating to the UK

The United Kingdom is a popular destination for foreign nationals. As an English speaking nation with a strong economy, rock solid infrastructure and endless opportunities for personal and career growth, it’s little wonder why so many choose the UK as their place to relocate.

Relocating to the UK is not for everyone, though. It is also something that might be perfect for you, and you never even considered it. Discover eight things you have to know before moving to the UK — factors that might help you decide whether or not the UK is the right place for the next chapter of your life.

1. It’s the Most Beautiful Place On Earth

In a poll for Rough Guides, all three countries in the UK — England, Wales and Scotland — finished in the top 10 most beautiful countries on Earth, with Scotland taking the top spot.

Packed with incredible natural destinations, from staggering coastlines to sweeping countryside, the UK is an undeniably gorgeous country. Outdoor lovers will find the UK irresistible.

2. Relocating to the UK Doesn’t Mean Healthcare Is Free

There is a great misconception about the British NHS. It is one of the world’s most advanced healthcare systems, free to use for millions of residents. But it isn’t free for everyone.

Being granted a permanent UK visa does not entitle you to free NHS treatment. Recent government clamp downs have made it even more difficult for foreign nationals living in the UK to gain free treatment. Make sure to do some research into if and when you’ll be allowed free NHS treatment.

With this in mind, it is important to get health insurance before relocating to the UK. If the worst were to happen and you require treatment, the costs incurred without such protection would be substantial.

3. London Isn’t Dangerous

London has a bit of reputation for being a dangerous place to live. Much of this stems from its history as a capital of crime but, in the modern day, it is actually very safe. London ranks similarly to cities like Toronto and Berlin when it comes to violent crime, with excellent safety statistics.

Tower Bridge in London with the Olympic Ring.

Still, like any major city, crime does occur. There are plenty of ways to keep yourself extra safe, though. Avoiding high-crime-rate areas, being aware of your surroundings and belongings and only using licensed taxis are just a couple of ways you can ensure a safe, happy life in the British capital.

4. Property Isn’t As Unaffordable As You’d Think

Right off the bat, let’s exclude London from this. An incredible city, London is one of the world’s most expensive places to live, often giving the rest of the UK property market a bad reputation.

In reality, besides a few pockets of hyper-expensive housing, the British housing market is actually one of the world’s most affordable. While prices are high compared to their global rivals, average income is high, too. The UK is ranked in the top third of the worldwide property index table for most affordable housing.

5. Brexit Will Change Things

You probably didn’t miss the news that the British people voted to leave the European Union.

While it hasn’t actually happened yet, the process will begin in 2017 with a complete removal from the EU expected in 2019. Before the official leaving date, relocating to the UK as a European citizen will be as simple as moving anywhere else within the trading bloc.

However, after the official leave, things get more challenging. EU citizens will be required to pass through the same immigration process as the rest of the world. What’s more, being a resident now doesn’t guarantee you’ll be granted residence post-Brexit. If you are planning on moving to the UK from a European nation, be aware of the requirements you will soon have to meet. Get some advice if you are unsure of your position.

6. Immigration Isn’t as Lax as People Say

The UK gets a lot of bad press from domestic publications about how easy it is to enter the country. Despite the negative media rampages, border control in the UK is actually very tight for anyone outside of Europe and the Commonwealth — and that will all change soon.

When relocating to the UK, you will have to undergo rigorous immigration processes. Making mistakes or misunderstanding what you have to do can cause long delays or even lead to denial of a visa. Be sure to do your research before applying for a British visa. Keep tabs on the process and ask for expert immigration help should you need it.

At Momentous Relocation, we’re immigration experts. If you are concerned about your immigration and need help with the process, get in touch with our local team.

7. Pets Require a Pet Passport

The UK has a low incident rate of serious infection from animal transmission thanks to a very strictly managed animal immigration policy. For example, the last known occurrence of death by Rabies in the UK was over 100 years ago.

To ensure your pet is allowed entry to the UK, you must meet all the stringent requirements of the UK government. This includes all mandatory vaccinations, a microchip and more. Make sure to read about the requirements of relocating to the UK with your pet.

If you need help moving your pet abroad, our experts can help with everything from immigration clearance to transportation.

8. There Is a Reason We Always Complain About the Weather

British weather is notoriously ‘grey’.

The UK often avoids any dangerous or extreme weather patterns, located in a sheltered and mild climate. However, that does mean things tend to be a little chilly and overcast most of the year.

Those who suffer from seasonal affective disorder might want to think twice before relocating to the UK. Although, if you enjoy the sound of rain and aren’t a fan of the glaring sun, you might have just found heaven on Earth.

Thinking of relocating to the UK? Momentous Relocation is here to help!

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Momentous Appointment of Mark Rising as Group Sales and Marketing Director

Portrait of Mark Rising of Momentous Group, an international relocation companyWe are delighted to announce that Mark Rising will, as of today, 1st December 2016, be appointed Group Sales & Marketing Director of the newly formed Momentous Group: Momentous Relocation, Gerson Relocation, and Abels Moving Services.

Mark began his career at Galleon Relocation, a well-known UK and London operator that is still going strong. He also served for fourteen years with Michael Gerson, the precursor to Gerson Relocation, and, until last month, nearly ten years at Interdean (now Santa Fe) as UK Commercial Director.

Mark’s background has been entrenched in serving and managing the global relocation and moving requirements of corporations, and internationally mobile individuals, for the entirety of his career to date.

Paul Evans, Group Chairman, commented, “We are excited by Mark’s addition to the Group, and he will be fundamental in building a sales team to assist the growth of all three companies.  Mark’s position will add to our penetration of the marketplace and growth opportunities, helping to elevate our presence within the industry. We welcome Mark to our team, and we wish him huge success.”

Mark Rising also commented, “I am delighted to join this group of industry leaders and professionals who for many years have successfully delivered moving and destination services to relocating families moving all over the world, both for large multi-national corporations transferring employees, as well as privately funded relocations.

About Momentous Group:

Abels Moving Services, Wimbledon Avenue, Brandon, Suffolk, IP27 0NZ
Tel: 01842 816600| Email:

Gerson Relocation Ltd, The Heights East, Cranborne Rd, Potters Bar EN6 3JN
Tel: 01707 649888| Email:

Momentous Relocation, 199 Chiltern Court, 188 Baker Street, London, NW1 5SD
Tel: + 44 20 7511 6107 | Email:

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