Relocating your London Office? Read our advice about how to keep the process smooth and simple.

Office relocation can be an exciting time, but it also comes hand-in-hand with numerous stressors. This is true for any office move, but in London, things can get even more complicated. If you are relocating your London office, make sure you consider these five things when moving to cut down on unnecessary stress and expenses.

Travel Route

So you’ve got your move in date, the delivery trucks are booked and your entire office is packed up. What you want to do now is get on the road and get set up. No time for sitting around; every second you spend in transit is a second your business is out of action.

The trouble is: London is a great, but very busy city.

Certain roads can get completely jammed and being unprepared for this can be the difference between having desks set up for Monday morning or desks arriving on Monday morning. Prior to relocating your London office, invest time in devising the best travel route for your equipment. Find the quietest roads, plot a route that allows for large vehicles and make sure you aren’t going near any known blackspots.

Removal Truck Access

Although this problem should never stop you relocating your London office, you should consider it as a major element in your relocation process.

London is a cramped city. There isn’t much room for a person to cross the street in some areas of the capital, let alone a truck to traverse the narrow back alleys in search of your premises. Relocating your office to a location with limited access might have a cost benefit, but it can cause an absolute nightmare when it comes to moving day.

Spend time scouting out your location and discovering how feasible relocating your London office will be for a large removal truck — or several. Other things to consider are how realistic is it that the truck can reach the premises, can they park and can they turn around/will they need to turn around?

Finding out on moving day that you can’t actually get your equipment near your near office is a disaster nobody wants to deal with. If you find you might have a problem, there are solutions, such as using smaller trucks or moving during off-peak hours to improve mobility.

Nearby Tube Stations

The tube is an essential resource for all businesses in London. Therefore, relocating your London office means making sure you are within a commutable distance from a tube station.

I know what you are going to say: everywhere in London is commutable from a tube station. However, you’ll find some areas of central London can be a 20-minute walk from a tube station.

Again, this doesn’t seem like a whole lot, but factor in other travel times and you’ve got a huge propensity for late employees. The closer you are to a tube station, the easier it is for workers to access your new location on time.

Late employees cost your business money. Don’t let relocation of your London office cause your company to take a financial hit — something that would be especially galling if you moved to cut costs.

Rental Costs

Here’s a shocking headline for you: London office prices are expensive. Sorry to spring that one on you.

London is a notoriously expensive city to live and work in, yet some areas are cheaper than others. Often, office relocation is down to cost benefit, but it can also be due to expansion or a need to be closer to a certain area of the city. In these circumstances, we recommend you really shop around for the best office.

Office costs vary a lot and it is common to see massive price drops within only small distances. As experts at relocating London offices and companies, we advise that you create a radius map in which you’d happily relocate. Pick a target location and select an outer zone in terms of travel time or mileage. Searching all areas of this zone will allow you to find the cheapest area for office space.

Unless your zone is very specific, you’ll likely find some huge variations in prices, allowing you to save a heap on your bills. Another small piece of advice we’d have is this: if you find that you’re looking on the outer edge of your zone, consider checking what the next street over is like, too. The last thing you want is to find you could have saved a small fortune if your radius of relocation was ever so slightly bigger.

Which Relocation Service in London to Use

If office relocation is stressful, office relocation in London is doubly so. The capital is a complex city and there are a lot of things that can go wrong when relocating your London office. What you need during this turbulent time is a relocation service that can provide you with the best possible support.

It is important, then, to hire a specialist mover that has expertise in office relocation — not just any old home moving service. Corporate relocation companies based in London are your best bet for a smooth and hassle-free move.

Looking for moving services in London that are tailored to your business needs? Contact Momentous Relocation today!